basf roofing

To protect roofs, our versatile CONIROOF waterproofing systems for flat and inclined roofs are suitable for application to all major roof types and designs.

BASF Balconies/Terraces

Mastertop balcony systems have proved themselves in many locations throughout the world to be long lasting and durable, even in extreme weather conditions.

BASF Structural Waterproofing

BASF Construction Chemicals offers a range of innovative structural waterproofing products, Thoro, Masterseal and Emaco range which are all widely used in the water and construction industries in both new build and refurbishment situations.

BASF Concrete Repairs

It has been estimated that over 50% of the annual European construction budget is spent on the repair and the refurbishment of existing structures, buildings and facilities. BASF's range of structural and non structural repair mortars have been designed and formulated to meet the needs of this increasing market.

capel cs ltd.

Link to the general Capel (CS) Ltd. web site. This is the section of the company which acts as a main contractor and also specialist sub contractor.