Dollis Hill - May 2013

The project was a new build apartment development next to a school in Dollis Hill. As the basement underground car park, for the new residents, had a larger footprint than the building itself it meant there was a substantial podium deck to be waterproofed. 

After various discussions with the client Capel were awarded the contract and the system chosen was the fast cure sprayed liquid DOW Hyperkote. Once the concrete slab was cleaned and prepared (some crack repair was required) the primer was applied. When large areas were ready a spray machine was brought in and the membrane itself sprayed. There was a 500mm upstand at the façade of the building and a 600mm downstand at the edge of the podium (ie down the wall).

Once the areas were sprayed a 6mm drainage board and geotextile sheet were laid over that before the landscaper laid the fill and paving/plants.

Clapham M2 - January 2013

With a podium deck over the underground basement Rydon needed to ensure there were no leaks onto parked cars beneath. The waterproofing had to be very flexible and well bonded to the deck but from a practical site perspective also had to be applied very quickly. There was also the problem of areas having to be done in the depths of winter. Eventually they chose the BASF Coniroof system and Capel as the applicator.

There were various difficult details (many posts fixed to the deck) which were easily waterproofed around with the liquid fast cure spray (cures in 30 seconds) membrane.

The job was completed on time and within budget.

Bethnal Green - September 2011

Capel (CS) Ltd were awarded the contract for all of the roofing on this large housing association development. There were four distinctive roofs with varying uses and specifications. 

The 9th floor roof was ‘top of the house’ and not really visible to anyone. So here a functional finish was used, this was achieved by Capel spraying onto the concrete deck and walls and then placing high density insulation over the membrane. Finally a geotextile sheet was laid and then clean round stone was laid as the finish.


The 6th floor was also an inverted roof but in this case allowed access to residents. Here the membrane was sprayed, covered in insulation and then had various finishes placed (such as decking/paving/planting..) on top. 

The 4th floor was a green roof, this had no resident access. Here the client went for a DOW sprayed system called Verdiseal which has full BBA certification. Again, as approved applicators, Capel were able to do all of the waterproofing work. Indeed they also did all of the sedum matting (incl various reservoir/drainage boards) to create a truly ‘green roof’.

The 1st floor has resident access and again is sprayed and then the various finishes were added.

From the clients perspective the sprayed membrane was a good technical waterproofing solution (as was the decision to change from a warm sheeted system). For the main contractor it was ideal that one subcontractor could deal with the waterproofing and also all of the finishes.  


Elver Gardens

An existing flat complex which has a communal basement beneath its ground floor podium deck. As a new apartment block was constructed it was decided to fix the old leaking podium. The basement was going to be used as parking for the new block. However, the entire site needed to be ‘live’ as the works proceeded. The flats surrounding the podium were all occupied and several had occupants with additional needs.

Capel won the competitive tender and were awarded the entire works including all civils and waterproofing works. Works were carried out in agreed sections and access was always available for residents. Once the sections were waterproofed (using Capel Waterproofing’s fast cure liquid system)  Capel’s civils section moved in and replaced fill/concrete, etc along with all new paving, topsoil, railings, brickwork, etc.


A new build housing development in Kent. Several of the plots contained small terraces of houses and these had long narrow balconies running across the fronts of the houses. The walls were of brick but the deck itself was plywood. Capel Waterproofing applied suitable primers and then hand applied the liquid waterproofing to the deck and walls. All of this had to be done but the aesthetics was also important so a smooth finish was needed. This was achieved and then a UV top coat was applied.


Made up of five individual sites which were previously ‘Waltham Forest’ garage sites. The apartment blocks all have various communal areas including stair cores, terraces and walkways. These areas needed a system applied to provide a very durable waterproofing and anti skid coating. Capel Waterproofing applied a suitable system and this was applied to all five sites.