Bethnal Green

Capel (CS) Ltd were awarded the contract for all of the roofing on this large housing association development.

There were four distinctive roofs with varying uses and specifications.

The 9th floor roof was ‘top of the house’ and not really visible to anyone. So here a functional finish was used, this was achieved by Capel spraying onto the concrete deck and walls and then placing high density insulation over the membrane.Finally a geotextile sheet was laid and then clean round stone was laid as the finish.

The 6th floor was also an inverted roof but in this case allowed access to residents. Here the membrane was sprayed, covered in insulation and then had various finishes placed (such as decking/paving/planting..) on top.

The 4th floor was a green roof, this had no resident access. Here the client went for a DOW sprayed system called Verdiseal which has full BBA certification. Again, as approved applicators, Capel were able to do all of the waterproofing work. Indeed they also did all of the sedum matting (incl various reservoir/drainage boards) to create a truly ‘green roof’.

The 1st floor has resident access and again is sprayed and then the various finishes were added.

From the clients perspective the sprayed membrane was a good technical waterproofing solution (as was the decision to change from a warm sheeted system). For the main contractor it was ideal that one subcontractor could deal with the waterproofing and also all of the finishes.